About me and my art


Hi welcome on my site,

My name is Marjolijn, 40 years old and living in Holland.

My interest in drawing started at a young age.

At school I always made drawings in my book and wrote little stories. And read a lot of books they did not teatch at school.

I had other interests then my classmates and a different thought pattern.

I started making my own money by selling my art in shops when I was 16 years old.

My inspiration was “Escher” andĀ  after making more and more drawings I learned to create my own style.

When my daughter was born, I did not make enough money to raise her so I went back to school and started working as a social worker.

In 2017 I had a very difficult year. When I saw my book with drawings I knew this was going to help me to keep myself moving to change and following my hearth in the things I love to do the most.

I spend a lot of time making those paintings, I think I am satisfied if people still see new things in a painting after they look a second or even a third time at the painting.

I hope you can wonder in my paintings and find out the little secrets I put in them.

Curiosity is something that drives me,

My dream is to see more of the World and hope that it is possible to give children the message always go for your dreamsĀ  and never give up hope.

I hope you enjoy my art.